Do You Know The Best Technique For Becoming Lucid In Dreams?

Have you heard about the term ‘lucid dreaming’? Dream is an integral part of our life. We have experience so many fantasies in our dreams and sometimes we want to stay more in our dreams. However this is not possible.

Lucid dreaming is a phase in which you are aware about what you feel. With the help of lucid dreams, you can control your dreams. You must be surprised how it is possible. Here I am enlisting some of the best techniques that would help you to become lucid in dreams.

Well, the best technique for becoming lucid is to become more aware & experience each and every detail. When you see things that don’t suitable, that’s a hint that you’re dreaming. There is nothing but just a self-realization; to facilitate the process you can maintain the habit of examining the environment or your state of awareness.

You can keep a dream diary in which you can write your dreams. When you start examining your environment during the day then you can easily notice the difference once you start dreaming.

If a person becomes lucid in dreams; then he attained high level of awareness. According to my opinion, this is one of the best benefits of lucid dreaming.

What Is The Phenomenology Of Lucidity?

To make understand this phenomenon clearer; I am giving you an example. I was playing in the garden in a lucid dream and happened to be at a camp. Since I knew I was dreaming, I thought I might jump into the camp fire and didn’t get burned.

I was kind of playing around with the camp-fire flames. I couldn’t feel anything but I noticed a sense of vibration and light. So the phenomenology of lucid dreaming really unique as compare to the phenomenology of regular experiences.

Updated: July 11, 2015 — 11:20 am
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