Learn About These Little Known Facts About Short Stories, Anecdotes, And Musings

You may have encountered terms like these at least once in your life and have kept you wondering what made those three words different and how they can be similar in some ways. Literature is indeed a complex kind of art that involves simple to a complex understanding of different kinds of work of the author. Here are some of the things that you need to know about short stories anecdotes musings.

While those three things may hold similar features and meanings, they can be completely different from one another. Those three are not completely the same and are just as different as they are similar. These types of works are very common in the literature world which brings a wholly unique kind of intellectual and artistic value.

Short stories are defined as a fictional work of composition that is much lessened in context than a novel. According to one of the greatest philosopher and author in our times, Edgar Allan Poe, a single short story should be read within one sitting. It means that a maximum of two hours should be an adequate amount of time to finish reading this kind of writing. Generally, they primarily concentrate on a single plot since they appear to be a shorter composition.

A short story normally ranges from one thousand to twenty thousand words. The author must be able to come up with a fully developed plot and theme since it is generally shorter compared to other types of writing. In cases wherein the stories do not reach a thousand words, they are referred to as flash fiction or short short stories.

Anecdotes are brief stories that are about a real event or person and are significant and relatable to whatever topic is at hand. Most of the time, they can be funny or considered as a relative joke. The term originated from a Greek phrase which means things unpublished. Anecdotes are usually delivered through speech than compared to being written down.

Just like any other form of stories, anecdotes are popular and effective instruments that are used in literature, film, theater, and also in real life. They add a personal spark of interest to dialogues or conversations that result in them being a lot more compelling and personal. They are developed in a way that makes the audience more engaged that they either laugh or contemplate on certain stories that are delivered.

Musings are considered to be kind of complex to specifically define in terms of writing. Generally, musings are described as anything that you can write in your diary but you choose to share it with everyone. Usually, writers come up with a musing when they have a sudden thought or an epiphany moment. Musings are also considered to be a type of stories.

When you deeply think about something and whatever comes out of it can be considered musing. Commonly, writers stated that they write down musings usually at late night hours. Because at that time, people are at such a peaceful and quiet moment where they can deeply ponder on things and get lost in their thoughts. Musings are usually a short type of literature that does not exceed to over three pages.

These types of literature are usually brief and straight to the point. They deliver a much more clear transparent idea or story to their specified audience. They keep their audience focused on their art since they are usually meaningful and relatively brief. Most people tend to lost interest in things that are too long for them to read or listen to. This usually results in them being bored and eventually losing interest. That is why the three things mentioned above are very common nowadays since they attract the attention of their audience and keeps them engaged. There has been a noticeable rise in the number of people that chose reading or listening to these types of literature over the years.

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