Mentor Program

Be a Part of AAPA’s Paralegal Mentor Program!

As a Mentor you would:

~  Attend AAPA luncheons and socials with Mentee and sit together for networking purposes; introduce Mentee to at least 2 AAPA members at each event;

~  Be available to Mentee during the work day, either by email or phone, to offer guidance* in the paralegal profession and/or a particular practice area; and

~  Encourage AAPA committee involvement and participate in committee activities with Mentees, when possible.

As a Mentee you would:

~  Have the opportunity to meet and network with other AAPA members, through your Mentor;

~  Receive guidance* in the paralegal profession and/or a particular practice area, via email or phone communication with your Mentor during the work day; and

~  Learn more about AAPA and have more opportunities to get involved with the association.

The Mentor/Mentee relationship will last three months.

All non-Sustaining members are permitted to be Mentees.  Only Voting and Associate members are permitted to serve as Mentors.

* “guidance” is meant to be minimal, both Mentees and Mentors are encouraged to respect the time constraints and demands of each other’s work and personal situations.

If you are interested in participating in AAPA’s Mentor Program, please complete the form NEED FORM UPLOADED and return it to AAPA Mentor Committee Chair, AAPA, PO Box 90037, San Antonio, Texas 78209.

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